I just finished reading “A Man called Ove” and I absolutely loved it! For many reasons, but this is not a book review, just an observation. Although I do recommend reading this book, it was enjoyable and heartwarming.

I get a lot of satisfaction from reading or watching shows that feature a character who says what’s on their mind with no filter at all. It is such a joy for me!

With social anxiety, my words usually go through so many mental filters that the chance to voice them has passed by the time I decide it’s ok to say them out loud. Frustrating. I’m safe and sorry.

I know that people who blurt things out get themselves into a lot of trouble, but they also get the satisfaction of speaking their truth, and telling people things that need to be heard.

I would like to find a middle ground, sharing truths where I need to, with some compassion for both myself and others. I think that is a worthwhile goal for everybody.



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