I am in a state of hypervigilance as the threat of returning to work has been upgraded from a watch to a warning. A call could come anytime now. I watch the phone like it’s a ticking time bomb, and to me it is.

I have been on and off work on short and long term disability for almost 2 years (I am ordered to return, my health takes a nosedive, then I’m off again) but the insurer pronounces me “cured”. Yay! The insurance company’s logic works like this:

I’m not working, so my mental and physical health is much better.

Better?! Good, go back to work!

I’m better because I’m not working. Duh!! The job itself makes all my symptoms worse so that I can’t work. And round and round we go. This martyr-go-round has got to stop; and I am going to stop it!

Stay tuned for further updates!


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