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Urgent! What does that mean? Most people have an understanding of the word, but I feel like it has lost all meaning.

Telemarketers leave voice mail messages, all of which are apparently urgent notices! Urgent: you are running out of time to lower your interest rate on your card! Retail stores have sales that are urgent, limited amounts of merchandise available. Act today! Urgent emails rarely are urgent, if they were the person wouldn’t be casually emailing about it.

Urgent really loses all impact when you have an anxiety disorder, because our brains mark everything urgent. Day after day. Each new problem or wrinkle is very important and dangerous if unattended. That makes it really hard to sort out the true emergencies from the perceived ones. Personal safety experts advise us to be aware at all times (I’ve got that covered!) and to trust our gut. I think that is good advice for most people, but it is a bit trickier for some us because our gut is often wrong. That gut feeling can be very similar to a fearful feeling. A book that I liked on the topic of personal safety is The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker.

Let’s remember that very few things are truly urgent. I find it best to listen to my gut,  but not without checking in with my brain first.

Here’s wishing you a day with no urgent matters.


2 thoughts on “This is not Urgent

  1. Agreed. If our family & friends are safe, nothing else is truly urgent. If it’s not bleeding nor broken, how important can it be? Let’s take our time. ☺


  2. This is true, although I’d never thought of it exactly this way. When I’m anxious, everything definitely feels “urgent,” regardless of whether it’s a real emergency or not. It’s like there’s an emergency going on but I’ve forgotten what it was, so I just feel that way about everything. It can be hard when we’re in that headspace to shift to “non-urgent”…I usually have to rely on some sort of technique, like journaling, to calm me down a little.

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