This is a very brief (pun intended) post about being painfully shy. It just occurred to me that having social anxiety feels like having a social-emotional wedgie. When I’m out and about with people I don’t know, or people I don’t trust, I just cannot get comfortable. There may be moments where it subsides, and then it comes back again. My mind is squirming and trying to get me away from everyone so I can fix that damn mental wedgie without anybody seeing me.

It’s nothing a change of scenery can’t fix. Always have an exit plan! That’s my social motto, and a really good reason to have a driver’s licence, a vehicle and no drinks. I know it’s important to get out there and do things, and it’s fine as long as I have that escape route planned. Sometimes I just leave the event very quietly. This is not done rudely, but as a matter of necessity at the time. Apologies for disappearing quietly. Saying good-bye to a crowd of people, and having to explain why I’m leaving early, and listen to all the reasons I should stay….way too much attention and discomfort.

goodbye, and thank you




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