I enjoyed this post from another blogger, another point of view about parties.

Live Like A Person

Did you ever think that the reason introverts hate large groups or parties so much is that there are going to be a bunch of extroverts there trying to engage in small talk? Do you know what small talk is? It’s just you making noise with your mouth in an effort to make yourself comfortable because you can’t tolerate silence.


What if all of our social norms catered to making introverts feel more comfortable at parties? Or better yet, what if society just decided that introversion was the norm, and extroverts were the weird ones. However you slice it, eventually you are going to force an introvert out of their home against their will and it’s entirely possible they’ll secretly resent you for it. Here are a couple of suggestions to make them feel a little more comfortable.

1. Limit the number of people.

No one wants to meet that…

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