This is the time of year when I miss my mom the most. Noella Celina Caron Kleven, born December 23, 1926 in Timmins, Ontario. She died just before her 72nd birthday, on December 14, 1998. She was a Christmas baby, raised Northern Ontario French Canadian. She had 2 sisters, Anna and Pauline, and a brother, Arnel. She met my father, Reidar Kleven, they married and had 5 daughters. I was the youngest, I came along in 1966, and 2 years later we moved to Lindsay.

Noella loved Christmas, the carols, seeing the Christmas lights, the baking, going to church Christmas Eve and being with her family. When December comes, I remember Christmases with mom, I remember celebrating her birthday by going out for lunch, and I remember laying her to rest the same month. So a lot of memories are condensed into a single month. It has been 18 years since she left this world and it doesn’t hurt any less. I can think of her and be crying in minutes, or laughing still at one of her outrageous one-liners. She liked to shock people by saying unexpected things and then smiling her sweet little innocent granny smile. The feeling of loss doesn’t come as often, but it hits me hard this time of year. I’m sad that my daughter missed the chance to know and grow up with her gramma. The year I became a mother was the same year I said good-bye to mine. 1998 was pretty intense.

I love celebrating the holidays too, although some moments are bittersweet. I love the movies, the music, books, decorations, the cookies, friends and time with family. I am grateful for the people in my life, and the animals too. My mom made so many memories for me, and if I have done the same for my family then I am living a good life.

So happy birthday mom! Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel! Also, goodbye for now. I miss you.

Me and Lily




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