I’ve had the common dream that my teeth are breaking and falling out. I haven’t had this dream once since I’ve been off work. Hmmm. However…

I was eating a bowl of very crunchy Vector cereal this morning and one piece just wouldn’t cooperate. Really tough! I gave up and swallowed the cereal. Then I poked around my mouth with my tongue to get the fragments out of my molars. Whoops! Half a molar is missing. Holy shit. I ate it. My teeth are falling out in chunks and I swallowed the chunk. What is the deal?! I take good care of my (remaining) teeth! Not fair. So I have an emergency dental appointment in the morning where I fear the outcome will be a root canal. I’ve had one before and it sucked, frankly.

The next day I see a specialist to discuss cardiac ablation. Not nice. I had a panic attack during the last procedure because they didn’t medicate me enough. (If you already have anxiety and take medication, they need to adjust for this factor). This is cardiac ablation:


I really value my veins and want to keep them all to myself. No passengers. Anxiety level about this procedure is about 8/10.

I know I should be grateful for having access to good medical care, and I am grateful.  But these are crappy Christmas presents!!

(I’ve turned 50 and now I’m talking about my health problems. So cliché).

Now go brush your teeth! And floss, too!



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