I’ve been watching old seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm to prepare for the new season, yay! Larry gets himself in a lot of trouble, he’s the “social assassin”, and he often explains afterwards that he was just trying to be “affable”. It’s laughable. Things go very, very wrong for poor, extremely wealthy Larry.

I have to say how much I can relate to this problem! Trying to be affable, extroverted, clever, sociable or anything that does not come naturally to me at the time, this can lead to trouble here in real life. My voice comes out too loud, or it sounds artificial and forced. Racing heart, face beet red. I say something jokingly and someone close to me ends up mortally offended. Being “affable” comes naturally to some people and to others it is so unnatural and exhausting that even thinking about socializing makes us want to throw ourselves on the bed and take a nice, long nap. Zzzz. That’s better. It is so much safer to socialize by observing and saying very little. I have great sympathy for people who fumble and say stupid things. This is the season of cheer and camaraderie,  and also for peace and gratitude. Hush, I’m trying to celebrate.

My favourite Christmas song is Silent Night. I like to turn off the lights and sit and look at the Christmas tree. In peace. It makes me feel quietly joyful.

My Christmas wish for everyone is that they have the good fortune, as I do, to celebrate with loved ones who accept us despite our differences. silentnight


3 thoughts on “Affable? Laughable

  1. Too funny! I’ve been watching the same these last two weeks! And I always find myself agreeing with Larry. Often, he’s simply being honest. He simply cannot cater to social convention and rules, and then gets in trouble for it. I would love to have him as a friend. So refreshing. Nothing is hidden.

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    1. That is funny! I love Larry. All the money in the world can’t help you if you are a social assassin! We’re watching it the second time through and it’s even funnier. At first it took a while for me to get used to all the loud talking, but I’m glad I kept watching.


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