Just a quick post about this social quirk of mine. When I meet someone new, and I “hear” their name, I don’t. I don’t hear the name at all. I hear static, the adult voices on Charlie Brown. I think I leave my body momentarily. I know it’s a shyness thing, but no matter how hard I try to hear someone’s name, it doesn’t get saved in my memory. It is gone immediately. Even after I say, “Hi, Jo..nice to meet you.” Anyone else suffer this predicament?!


2 thoughts on “Whatsername

  1. YES! All the time. 😕 I find it safe to ask for their name again during the same interaction or just before we part. ‘I’m sorry. What is your name again?’. It is always received well. And then I have to make a concerted effort to make a connection to it or it’s gone again! Lol!

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