Balance is very important to me. I am a Libra after all! I care a lot about balance, beauty and fairness;( among many other things), which are all classic Libra passions.

As I get older, balance and calm energy have become more important. I like this definition of balance: an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

Trying to stay upright and steady. Yes, this is a good goal!  Upright means I didn’t fall down or take to my bed. Steady in mind and body. This is my ideal. Sometimes remaining steady is all we can do! That’s ok, there is nothing wrong with that if that’s where you are.

I try to find a balance between being gentle with myself and others, while still wanting more and trying harder. This delicate balance is a challenge. When I wake up feeling ill, but I had planned to go for a walk. When I need the income from a job that I can’t do anymore. When I want to make plans with people but know I might not be able to follow through. Do too much, and suffer for days. Do too little, and growth or change seem far away. Each day, a balancing act.balance



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