Recently I have had the good fortune to read new books by 2 of my favourite authors: Alice Hoffman and Jodi Picoult. I have been inspired by the magic of these wise women for a long time.

Alice Hoffman writes beautiful, lyrical, highly creative and spellbinding novels. Her words tell a story but they paint a picture, too. Reading her novels is an emotional experience for me, she literally moves me to tears. Every book has been like a little gift of magic. Her latest book, Faithful, is no exception. This time around, I have the double delight of her including dogs as essential characters. Books and dogs, it doesn’t get much better than this!! Guilt has destroyed Shelby’s soul, and it is through her interactions with dogs that she very slowly learns to live again, to trust and to love. Shelby rescues 3 dogs in New York City, and they rescue her right back. (Just like that famous line in Pretty Woman). I had no trouble loving these dogs, although it took me a lot longer to warm up to Shelby. I found her quite frustrating. My favourite Alice Hoffman book is The Museum of Extraordinary Things. I also enjoy Sarah Addison Allen, and I’m sure many Alice Hoffman fans do as well.

Jodi Picoult. I love her writing. Her stories are well-researched, and I always learn from them. She does an incredible job of showing a story from multiple points of view; you think you know where you stand on an issue until she shows you the opposing view, and you come to understand other perspectives through her words. I really enjoy this, it is so easy to be judgmental and she always helps to open my mind and heart. Her latest book is Small Great Things. This time around her writing focuses on prejudice, race and justice.I find her books so interesting and informative. I hope her next book includes an amazing dog or two! By the way, guess who Jodi’s favourite author is? That’s right! Here’s a quote from her website: My favorite contemporary novelist is Alice Hoffman. Her work lies in the dreamy world where love collides with magical realism, reminding me of Gabriel García Márquez. With every book, she has startling, beautiful turns of phrase that take my breath away. I agree Jodi!

Happy Reading!


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