Here are 5 great ideas for good morning habits to start your day:
1. Make your bed–I used to make my bed while still in it, it’s easier! This works better when you sleep alone. It’s harder when you share a bed, and much harder when all your pets are in your face demanding attention! As soon as you can, make your bed. It says, I’m done with you, bed. It’s time to be awake. It looks better, and no matter what happens next, you’ve accomplished something! It also feels nicer, getting into a nice neat bed, and not a big messy pile of blankets.
2.Work on one of your goals, before any fun or mindless stuff. If possible, do something productive before checking email. If exercise is a goal, stretch for 5 minutes before checking your phone/emails.
3. Read or listen to something motivating. There are so many possibilities, and we all find different things inspirational. I have a book that has an inspiring quote for every day of the year. It’s quick to read. Bonus points: try to remember the quote, later in the day!
4. Have a plan for the day, and write it down.
5. Go outside. If you only have a minute, at least stop and take a breath of fresh air before getting in your car. Take another one when you get out of the car.
The way you start your day really sets the tone for the entire day. If you have a good start, it is much easier for things to fall into place the rest of the day. I haven’t talked about breakfast, but to keep it simple, I try to include a drink (coffee and water), some fruit, and protein. A smoothie or protein shake, or oatmeal (made with milk) with fruit and nuts are easy ideas. I also think it’s important to have a relaxing bedtime routine, but that will be another post!

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