The public library is a safe haven, and a gathering place for the community. A place for the lifelong learner, the quiet, the lonely, the different, the curious. It’s bright, warm, quiet and forgiving. An introvert’s hideaway. Readers, writers, thinkers and dreamers young and old gather here.

I started going to the public library very young, because buying books was considered an unnecessary expense. By age 10, I had exhausted the humble offerings of my small town library’s children’s section and had to be approved to access the adult’s book section. Once I had money from working I was able to buy my own books, but only special books. I have always had a library card everywhere I’ve lived, and been a regular weekly patron for as long as I can remember.

Today’s library has evolved so much, but retains all the previous charm. Now you can access resources online, borrow an iPad, use the 3D printer, take an art class, join a group, reserve books from all over the province, save a list of books to read, review the books you’ve checked out over the past year (when you read a lot, sometimes it’s helpful to double check). Books, audiobooks, ebooks, magazines, movies, music and technology; all for free. My local library is the Oshawa Public Library.

 This is a place of opportunity and knowledge. We are privileged to live in a society where everyone has access at no cost. Being able to read makes so many things possible.


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