spring right now looks like

a grey mud bog covered in garbage

all the garbage and recycling from our street blows up the hill

and lands on our yard and the field next door

where i walk the dogs

it should be pretty

but it is a big wasteland of filth

i pick up other people’s trash as i go, and clean up after our dogs

i can’t do it all, alone

and i am sick of other people’s messes

and this field is how i feel right now



3 thoughts on “Filthy Shades of Grey

  1. Spring is my favourite season. To me it symbolizes renewal and how things flow in a cycle. Things go dormant then re-awaken refreshed and full of beauty and promise. I can see what you do around my home as well and know I’ve got some work ahead of me if I want to have a place that I can enjoy and not have to maintain all the time. So spring is a mixed blessing, for sure.

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    1. Hi, I think that I may have commented, instead of replying directly to your comment? I’m not sure, but my comment is there. It is a mixed blessing, the signs of life are really exciting to see, the buds on the trees and all the birds that return. Once the muck dries a bit and things are growing then it really feels like spring. I was a little grumpy the day I wrote this post!


  2. I think it is the transition to spring that I don’t enjoy, we get buried in garbage here. Everyone’s recycling blows in the wind, it’s really windy at the top of the hill and we are where it all lands. Lots of people walk their dogs here but the trash doesn’t seem to bother anyone else (not enough to pick any up). Then there’s the dog poo that appears when the snow melts.


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