I keep thinking of my mom’s advice for a headache: drop a brick on your foot. Doesn’t that make your headache feel better?!

In other words, a big enough distraction can help move your focus off of pain, or at least reduce your perception of it for a while.

Now, I don’t have any bricks, but I have dropped many things on my feet, including my laptop, and it does change the focus temporarily! Plus, the inevitable swearing is supposed to help reduce stress and pain. Instead of a brick, distractions I have used:


Reading a suspenseful book


Pet snuggling

An engrossing tv show or movie

Cute pictures or videos of animals

Beautiful photos of nature

Lying on the floor, with my calves supported on a chair or the bed, pillow under my head, heating pad on the back, listening to music or a guided meditation, with my nurse dog at my side; has been the best combo for lower back pain. I find that a cocktail of remedies works better than just one!

quiet music + book + comfortable position (I usually read multiple books, so I switch between fiction, non-fiction and magazines)

medication + meditation

pets + watching a show + chocolate (!)

walking + nature + mindfulness + dogs

And so on. What were we talking about?






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