We are having a lot of water, right now. Raining down, sinking into the ground and pooling in the mud. Sunshine is rare this time of year, but really appreciated when it does appear. Water is one of my favourite things. It is vital to our bodies and the health of the planet.  We can live for about a month without food, but only about a week without water.

What is so great about water? So many things, but here are a few:

  1. Hydration.  Water is my favourite drink. Cold clean water in a tall glass. Really cold. No plastic, has to be glass. It’s (almost) free and it goes with everything!  I don’t measure my intake. I just drink it the minute I get up until the last minute before I lie down.   We are fortunate to have drinking water available at all times. So many people don’t have access to clean water, including people living right here in Canada. I am going to celebrate my good fortune right now with a sip. Cheers.
  2. The beach. Any size body of water, from a creek to the Ocean. I love them all. All my senses are pleased. It looks serene, beautiful, and sometimes it is angry and dangerous but still enjoyable to watch. I love the waves on a dark stormy day or night. Jumping in the waves on a nice day. The smell of fresh water and the beach. The sound of a stream bubbling by, or the pounding surf. The rhythmic sound of calm, steady waves. Or the quiet and perfect stillness of water on a day with no wind. And of course, the feel of water. Swimming, floating, bathing, showering, wading in along the shoreline. A cold sprinkler on a hot day. A hot bath on a cold day. These are luxuries for most people in the world.

    At Lake Ontario with my husband and Lily
  3. Renewal. Rain is a bummer to see day after day, but think about how happy we are to have it in the summer when the grass is brown and thirsty? Rain brings renewal to the natural world around us. Rain brings us green grass, juicy tomatoes and vibrant flowers. Strong healthy trees. Rain is a surprise car wash, thank you! Rain brings us the best part, after the rain. The way the air smells so clean and fresh. Rainbows.
    West Lake, ON
    West Lake in Picton, ON






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